Justin Wafer

Pampleau is a unique and exciting grapefruit apéritif wine crafted in Portland, Oregon. It is inspired by the traditional french apéritif vin de pamplemousse, a maceration of citrus and vanilla in white wine.

Taste :
It is sweet and grassy on the nose, bittersweet and juicy on the palate, and finishes with a lingering herbal complexity. A fun, quaffable wine that is both sophisticated and widely approachable.

How it’s made:
Pampleau begins with a base of Sauvignon Blanc which is fortified and aged with hand-cut grapefruit, and other seasonal citrus for up to six weeks, lending a distinctly pithy and juicy flavor to the wine. After aging, the wine is then aromatized with a unique selection of botanicals from the pacific Northwest and beyond, including Tahitian vanilla, chamomile and gentian.

How to Drink:
The best way to drink Pampleau is by itself, either over ice or well-chilled. It also makes a delicious base for cocktails.Click here for recipes