Jasper Sisco

Justin Paul Russel

Jasper Sisco wines began as a daydream in the South five years ago after a few trips out to the Willamette Valley and more than a few evenings spent in the cellar this daydream has been realized. Justin Paul Russell is crafting single vineyard sourced wines from throughout the Pacific NW at SE Wine Collective. Taking name and inspiration from his Great grandfather who worked as a farmer and sharecropper in his hometown in Virginia, Justin seeks to make wines that are true to both place and vintage.

Justin currently works with two outstanding vineyard sources Demeter Certified Momtazi Vineyard in McMinnville, OR for Pinot Noir and L.I.V.E Certified Cherry Grove Vineyard in Gaston, OR for Riesling. Justin has a commitment to sourcing from sustainable, natural, organic and biodynamic vineyards.