Celebrate Oregon Women in Wine!

Each week in February we will be showcasing wines made by women in the great state of Oregon! This flight will rotate weekly during the month of February so we look forward to seeing you here lots. All proceeds from this flight will go to the ACLU!

When you’re here, post about your experience using the hashtag: #NastyWomenWinemakers

Here are some more details about the schedule:

Week 1 (2/1-2/6): “Oregon Pioneers” - Featuring winemakers that were part of the earlier generations of successful Oregon wineries and are true benchmarks of the foundation of Oregon winemaking.

  1. Hip Chicks Do Wine - Laurie Lewis & Renee Neely - 2015 Hip Chicks Do Wine Dry Muscat
  2. Chehalem Winery - Wynne Pederson-Nedry - 2013 Chehalem Gamay Noir Ridgecrest Vineyard
  3. Willful Winery - Pam Walden - 2014 Willful Wines Walla Walla Red
Week 2 (2/8-2/15): “New School Tastemakers” - The three winemakers featured this week are quickly gaining fame and accolades around the country for their interpretation of classically made wines with Old World character and New World charm.
  1. Ovum Wines - Ksenija Kostic - 2015 Ovum “Off the Grid” Riesling
  2. Leah Jorgensen Cellars - Leah Jorgensen - 2015 Leah Jorgensen Cellar “Tour Rain” Cabernet Franc
  3. Gamine - Kate Norris - 2014 Gamine Syrah Mae’s Vineyard
Week 3 (2/15-2/20) “Modern Minimalists” - There has been a growing interest in the so called “natural” wines that are free of most modern wine intervention techniques. While many of the wines featured in this month’s entire series are minimally handled, these three women are helping lead the charge natural wine movement in Oregon and around the U.S.
  1. Loop de Loop - Julia Baily - 2014 Loop de Loop Riesling
  2. Kelley Fox Wines - Kelley Fox - 2015 Kelley Fox Wines Pinot Noir
  3. Day Wines - Brianne Day - 2014 Day Wines “Running Bare” Red

Week 4 (2/22-2/27) “Next Gen Classics” - The last week comes full circle and features the next generation of leading ladies that are making modern, yet finesse-driven wines in the Northwest’s classical approach.

  1. Boedecker Cellars - Athena Boedecker - 2013 Boedecker Cellars Chardonnay
  2. Laelaps Wines - 2014 Laelaps Pinot Noir Nemarniki Vineyard
  3. Helioterra Wines - Anne Hubatch - 2014 Helioterra Syrah
Please contact us with any questions about these flights.