In the Dark: I love Gamay!

at 06:00 PM - Southeast Wine Collective

To celebrate the I Love Gamay wine festival, we are excited to announce our second blind tasting series focused on one of our favorite grapes…GAMAY!

You might be thinking, “Well, if we know the grape, what’s the point of tasting it blind??” That’s a good question, but here’s why. Gamay has a notable history of being fermented in Beaujolais tradition of Carbonic Maceration. This method and the variety of hybridized fermentation methods, including semi-carbonic, whole cluster aerobic, traditional destemmed, all create defined styles of the Gamay grape.

We will blind taste six domestic and foreign Gamay wines and discuss their attributes and try to determine which fermentation methods were utilized and where the wines come from.

Like last time, we would like you to help us with providing two of the Gamay wines blind tasted for this class, which waives your tasting fee for the class. If you would like to have your wine blind tasted, please e-mail elissa@sewinecollective with your selection and we will confirm back the first two responses we get. For everyone else, there will be 12 ticketed spots available for $20 per person ($15 for wine club members), waived with a 2 or more bottle purchase of the available for sale wines at the end of the class.