Book signing with Kenneth Friedenreich

at 05:00 PM - Southeast Wine Collective

Just fifty years ago, Oregon’s wine industry barely made a blip beyond a few neighbors and locals in the know. Today, Oregon has an over $4 billion dollar a year wine industry led by the nearly 750 wineries that cover many regions of the state.

Ken Friedenreich has followed along for many of these years of growth, tribulation, booms and challenges. He’s hung out and broken bread with many of the state’s finest winemakers and has put those stories he’s heard over the years into this witty and oftentimes funny book called Decoding The Grape, Oregon Wine Country Stories.

Join on Monday, December 9th for a book signing and meet and greet with Ken. There will be some sips on hand and books to be signed. For $40, you can take home a signed book and a bottle of Division Winemaking Co. Pinot Noir, the perfect gift for a wine loving friend or family member, or perhaps a nice evening by the fire to sip and laugh to.

No RSVP needed, just try to come early while the books and wine last!