Thomas Monroe

Founder & Winemaker

Tom is winemaker and co-founder with Kate Norris of the SE Wine Collective. He is also the winemaker for Portland based brand, Division Winemaking Company. Tom grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and went to college in Denver, Colorado. His job landed him in the San Francisco Bay Area where he grew a passion for wine, fist the local Northern California wines and then the wines of the Old World, notably France, and Oregon. After writing a business plan for a winery during business school, Tom Cass moved to France and studied, worked and immersed himself in everything wine with Kate Norris, his now winemaking and business partner. After an amazing year long experience, they moved to Oregon determined to make approachable and balanced wines. The SE Division/Clinton neighborhood in Portland became the perfect place to launch their urban winery concept and continue to grow their own brand.