Shauna Sutera

Former OUI! WINE BAR + RESTAURANT Assistant Manager

Shauna was born and raised in Long Beach, CA, although never truly feeling at home under the overbearingly sunny skies. While she’d always had a desire to learn, it took moving to a small town in Central California a stone’s throw from wine country, and a semester abroad in Florence, Italy for her to discover her true calling. After living in Europe and adopting a penchant for table Chianti and handmade pasta with locally grown veggies, she decided the best way to continue that European mentality would be to get a job at a winery. Her ‘ah-ha’ moment with wine was during one of her first tastings, in which the winemaker poured two tastes of the new vintage and instructed his staff to taste immediately the first pour, and then to oxygenate the wine for 15 minutes as he explained the vineyard site, vintage and vinification techniques. In those 15 minutes the wine had changed drastically, and she was hooked. Wine was not only fascinating to watch evolve in the glass, it had a way of connecting people she’d never experienced before. It was a labor of love, not for itself, but for the people enjoying it. Shauna graduated college with a graphic design degree and no intention of making a career as a designer. She worked harvest during the 2011 vintage, and only grew in her appreciation of wine as a living, breathing entity, and the folks who dedicated their lives to it. She’s dabbled in the cellar, in distribution, in wineries/wine bars/restaurants, you name it. After visiting friends in Eugene and Portland several times, she decided to pack up her car, drive the 1500 miles, and try out life in this vibrant city in the forest. She accepted a not-quite-full-time position as the Wine Director at a restaurant in downtown PDX, and was more than thrilled to fill the void of an intimate wine bar as a part of the SE Wine Collective team.

When not studying esoteric regions/varietals of the wine world, Shauna can be found pedaling around town and staring at trees, practicing yoga in her attic, schooling grown men at a pool table, and attempting to cook on her nights off. She is an avid reader, and can’t figure out a more perfect afternoon than hanging at the park or river, drinking a bottle of natty wine in good company.