Kate Norris

Founder, Winemaker + General Manager

Kate is our co-winemaker, leader, strategist, marketing expert, operational guru and all around organizer. Her detailed understanding and extensive experience in the wine, food and event planning industries has well prepared her to run our new company.

Kate’s palate is as strong as many sommeliers and wine critics. She excels at paring food with wine, and drawing out the individual components that make for the best matches. Her favorite wine varietals are those with origins in Burgundy & North Rhone in France.

If there was a definition in dictionary for “child of the world,” you would see a picture of Kate. Born in Bahrain to an English father and Malagasy (that’s Madagascar) mother, Kate’s exposure to food and wine is extensive to say the least. She’s lived in England, Switzerland, France and the U.S., and has traveled the world numerous times over. She graduated magna cum laude from Colgate University in upstate New York and has since worked at management levels with event planning firms and wineries across the U.S. and in France. After an amazing year long experience working and learning how to make wine in France, Kate moved to Oregon determined to make approachable and balanced wines that are affordable to all that love it.