Drew Herman

Assistant Winemaker

Drew Herman started as our Assistant Winemaker earlier this year. Drew’s interest in wine and fermentation began very young. He made his first batch of wine as a twelve year old for a middle school career fair. His budding career was quickly curtailed by the administration for a few years after he was found serving it to the other students. He hasn’t changed. After receiving a degree in Biology and Botany from the University of Oklahoma, Drew moved to Portland, OR. He spent years working in organic farming throughout the Willamette Valley and quickly took interest in the surrounding vineyards and fell in love with the idea of farming for expression. He eventually found a way to be that twelve year old self forever and entered the wine-making profession. He has made wine and worked in vineyards in both hemispheres since then and still does a little veggie farming on the weekends if he can help it.