Cassidy Norris Monroe

Winery & Maitre Dog

Born in 2007, Butch Cassidy, or Cass, as he’s known to most, is a founder, our supervisor and spiritual leader of Division Winemaking Company. He can usually be found roaming the vineyards and winery smelling things out and making sure we are all on task. His sense abilities provide DWC with second to none quality control and his happy and pleasing attitude can quickly turn smiles into the hardest and longest of days.

Cass has been with us since the very beginning, making the journey to France and to nearly every place in between. He loves adventuring and he chronicles everything from his travels to his daily walks on his blog, the Black Dog Adventures. He is also the inspiration and face of Red Collar Wines, a nod to those like him, somewhere between the “white” and “blue” collar. Red Collar Pinot Noir will make its debut in the fall of 2011. Cass hopes that everyone likes his first cuvée and can’t wait to bring it to the world.