Ben Guerra


Starting from a young age, I have always indulged in being outside. Exploring my home state, from beyond the Cascades to the Oregon coast line, I have found only beauty and inspiration. Coming from a family of hunters and forgers, a plethora of wild game and foraged goods were always on the menu. The Oregon wilderness continues to comfort me; a reminder of where all foods were once derived from, and a reassurance that I am home. Within my love for the outdoors lies the foundation of my passion for food.

Time and time again throughout my youth I could be found in the kitchen by my mother’s side. She was a wonderful home cook, learning much of what she knows from cooking with her grandmother when she was young. At times feeding armies, she was always keen on making sure everyone had eaten in our household. She taught me about the power of food; the ability to bring people together, and spreading your love to others through the time and effort put into a meal. A dash of salt, sacrifice of your time, couple pats of butter, a tear or two, and lots of garlic; all ingredients for her lesson of implementing love into any dish.