Gersing Cellars

Jason Gersing

Gersing Cellars winemaker Jason Gersing has two great passions: jazz and wine. The music bug struck early. Not long after Jason picked up the saxophone in 6th grade was he was transcribing Cannonball Adderley and Sonny Stitt, and he continued to study throughout high school and college. Jason then moved to New York to study and play with some of the best jazz musicians in the world.

Of course, musicians need a day job (sometimes two!) to support their jazz habit. One such job was working harvest at Bedell Cellars on Long Island. Jason had been bitten by the wine bug while studying in Italy, but experiencing crush deepened his fascination with the winemaking process. Considering a move to California to study at U.C. Davis, Jason was thrown a curveball. Lured by his (now) wife, Jason moved not west but east across the Atlantic to Paris. Jason and Vanessa spent the next three years exploring the wine regions of France and Italy, and Jason studied Enology and Viticulture at Montpellier SupAgro in the south of France.

Missing the U.S. but wanting a new American experience, Jason and Vanessa moved to Portland, Oregon. After taking business courses at PSU and Enology and Viticulture courses at Chemeketa, Jason joined Argyle Winery where he was in charge of production planning and inventory management, though in reality he participated in almost every facet of the operation. At Argyle, Jason received not only a unique education in sparkling wine production but also a broad overview of the myriad facets of a complex and growing wine company.

Jason’s winemaking philosophy is informed by his experience of living in Europe and his admiration for the jazz greats. Accordingly, Gersing Cellars composes wines that honor tradition while also allowing for unique expression. Though currently focusing on the main red grapes of Bordeaux and Burgundy, Jason enjoys a wide range of varieties and looks forward to expanding Gersing Cellars’ offerings in future vintages.