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Vincent Wine Company

Vincent Wine Company produces small amounts of handmade Pinot noir and (coming in late 2013) Chardonnay. We believe that the best wines are about the vineyards they come from, the grapes involved, and the uniqueness of each vintage. We love the wines of the world but are most inspired by the producers of Europe. In our own production, we look to make wines that are distinctly Oregon, true to our soils, our climate and the grapes that grow well here.

Our approach is simple. We work closely with several growers around the Willamette Valley, harvest grapes with bright acidity, ferment naturally without adding yeast, age the new wines in older oak barrels and bottle unfined and unfiltered, with judicious use of sulfur dioxide. Our goal is to reflect the experience of site and vintage through the transparency of grapes, so the wines are about much more than fruit or oak flavors.

Our wines are known for their texture, a fine lattice of tannin and acidity that satisfies like the hard to describe but incredibly pleasing feel of quality fabric. High thread count wines, if you will. Enjoy our wines young for their delicate flavor and perfume, or age them for years in a cool cellar to allow for the softness and almost caramelized sweetness that the best old wines develop. Most of all, enjoy our wines with food and good company.








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