Luke Wylde

Catch All Winery Guy

Luke has washed dishes, served, managed, coordinated, created and breathed hospitality & events since he was too young to drink; but never really considered a career in wine until 2009. It was then that he left an entirely different life in Los Angeles, to embark on a worldwide journey to learn the art and science of wine making. He worked harvests in the Waipara Valley on the South Island of New Zealand, Margaret River in Western Australia, the Pfalz and Mosel Valley in Germany and the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Now that his days of traveling for vintage are over, he has combined his know how of events and hospitality with a passion for all things wine to serve as the Marketing and Wine Club Manager for the SE Wine Collective. Look for him in the winery, he’ll be climbing stacks of barrels or creating new marketing tools on photoshop!