Craig Wolff

Wine Bar Manager

Hello! My name is Craig Wolff and I love Wine. I am in the Wine Industry to help people understand the special relationship between Food & Wine and how it can highlight every part of a person’s life.

I found my passion for the Culinary world when I started working in restaurants when I was 18. I grew up in a Southern household, so upper tier cuisine and fine dining had not been on my radar. I quickly found a love and a passion that I did not know existed and I was hooked. I spent the next three years finding my groove. In 2006 the first wine bar, Cru Food & Wine Bar opened in my area and I was quick to join up. That was when my life changed. I was exposed to more wine than anybody at the age of 21 ever should see. I spent the next few years learning and spending all my extra money traveling to different regions, expanding my palette and knowledge along the way.

Through my travel and friends I made through the Wine Industry, I was invited to Oregon Pinot Camp in 2010 and my life changed again. I was obsessed with the beauty of the region, the products produced here and the people who made it all happen. I spent the next Five years as the General Manager & Wine Director of Cru spreading the word of Oregon wine to anybody that would listen. In 2014 I received my CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) from the Society of Wine Educators.

After five years of daydreaming about the possibility of a move, we made it happen. We moved to Portland in March of 2015 and never looked back. I spent a short stint at Adelsheim Vineyards in Willamette Valley where I worked in the Tasting Room before joining the amazing team at the SEWC!