Althea Potter

Executive Chef

Althea has been a food enthusiast since she was very young. It is no surprise that the child of an artist and a chemist became a chef. It didn’t hurt that her mother and father are also both incredible cooks.

As a small child she harvested fresh vegetables from the organic family garden with her parents and discovered the deliciousness of eating tomatoes warm from the sun and crisp snap peas right off the vine.

She spent much of her time playing in the kitchen. While some children had Easy Bake Ovens and plastic frosting, Althea had real knives and mixing bowls. She fondly remembers when she was deemed old enough to use the cleaver at the age of five.

A year spent in France at eight opened Althea’s culinary horizons even further. She fell in love with pâté en croûte, pain au chocolat, and bœuf bourguignon. She also tasted her first champagne!

Althea got her first job in a restaurant at age fifteen and quickly moved up the ranks from ice cream scooper to fry cook! While she was studying Sociology, Psychology, and Spanish at the University of Georgia she continued to work in many facets of the restaurant industry and discovered her love of southern and Spanish cuisines.

After college, Althea couldn’t shake the desire to cook and decided to pursue per passion professionally. After working in catering and event planning in Massachusetts for a few years she bought a one-way ticket to Portland and enrolled at the Oregon Culinary Institute.

Since graduation, Althea has worked in fine dining and high end catering across the city. Most recently, she was the Sous Chef under popular Portland chef Jenn Louis.

After 15 years in the restaurant industry, Althea continues to be incredibly passionate about food, cooking, and wine. She especially loves charcuterie, seasonal vegetables, and the smell of fresh baguettes.